At least three persons, including mother and child, lost their lives during a fire inferno caused by a fuel laden taker that fell along Ochanja market, Onitsha, Anambra State, yesterday.

Parts of Ochanja market stalls, about 13 houses, including three four-storey buildings, about 15 vehicles, and goods estimated at over N500 million were also burnt.


Upon falling, the tanker spilled its content which spread across the drainage channel at MCC Bus Stop near Toronto Hospital, Upper-Iweka, Onitsha. After some minutes, the tanker exploded with heavy fire.

As the fuel flowed in the drainage channels, the fire continued spreading and burning many houses along Iweka road before the fire entered parts of Ochanja market.

Although security men were available at the scene, they could not do anything to stop the fire due to the absence of fire-fighting equipment.

Some of the security personnel blamed the spread of the fire on the absence of fire servicemen and equipment which would have been used to stop the fire from spreading to houses and shops.



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