The art of “cheapism” is one to master in the New Year if you plan to save as much as possible by buying things when they are cheapest.

This is however easier said than done for two reasons; the first is that it might require making purchases way ahead of need, and this might affect current budget and become counterproductive if not well managed.


The second is that if you are very much concerned about staying in vogue or keeping up with the latest, it might be difficult because you might have to make some purchases during off-seasons.

Whichever way if you like cheap, here are some items you should and shouldn’t buy in January-unless necessary.

Electronic gadgets
The best time to buy your next smartphone, television or laptops is when there are massive discounts on them and this usually occurs around November and December during Black Friday sales.

Asides the traditional end-of-year sale, this coincides with the period new phone models of some brands are released and the advantage of purchasing at that period and older models of those brands sell at significantly lower price.

At this point the question on your mind would be if you have to wait a year to buy electronic gadgets. That answer depends on you.

Christmas decorations
If you are big on Christmas and love buying decorations then January is the perfect time to buy such items.

This is because retailers would be looking to restock in January and the Christmas items that were not sold during the holidays would need to be removed to make room for other items in vogue.

You can be sure to get a good bargain if you approach a retailer for their remaining Christmas decorations after December 25. You should also expect to be greeted by puzzled faces.

After an end-of-the year frenzy, January tends to be a slower month for selling clothes. Retailers might want to sell-off holidays wears to stock newer ones ahead of the valentines celebration and this presents a good time to buy some nice wears at significant discounts.

Buying cars at the beginning of the year can be a good deal because it is not the usual time to buy a car.

At the beginning of the year most people are broke or trying to recover from a December spending-spree. Moreso, the biggest expenses are usually incurred in January-rent and school fees for example.

It is not unusual to find people trying to raise extra cash by selling their automobiles in January while cars sellers also make room for new makes around mid-year.

Typically, this presents an opportunity to buy at attractive rate from anyone selling a car especially fairly used.

Source: BusinessDay

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