About Us

Vision Media – Committed to Positivity!

Our tripod: to motivate, to inspire, to drive innovation


Vision Media has set out to become Africa’s dominant source of positive news and celebration of achievements.

We sing the successes of citizens; we help businesses tell their stories of significant milestones attained and we highlight the government’s effort at creating a business-friendly environment.

This is our mission.

News media are often believed to focus on negative events as a means to increase their audience and profits. A study in 2014 took three case studies in Germany – Der Spiegel, Stern, and Focus in the period from 1997 to 2009.

Based on detailed content analyses of issues with political and economic cover stories, the results indicate significant, positive correlations between explicitly negative cover pages and the magazines’ sales, after controlling for a comprehensive set of other success drivers and influences.

At Vision Media, we find good stories and transform them into great ones. This all starts with an observation and some conversation. Along the way, simple observation and conversation show social values, economic trends, business opportunities, and the next big thing.

In the rare occasions that the observation and conversations do not go well, we still anchor onto some unexpected sunny shore.

We are a data-driven and insightful medium that is passionate about growing dreams. From the backwaters of amateur reporting, we are growing into makers of great stories.

Our joy is in telling impactful stories that give citizens a voice; highlight business, finance and economic trends; and interrogate governance structures both in businesses and economies.

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