As marriage infidelity continues to show ugly face in some homes, some women have personally taken the fight beyond verbal and now resulted into physical abuse, and sometimes, lives are taken.

While some women who cannot bear the pain of cheating physically confront and inflict injuries on their husbands, some result in confronting their suspected rivalry.


Recently, in an undisclosed shopping mall, a drama ensued as an angry lady publicly confronted an alleged ‘side chick’ of her husband.

The woman who seemed to have acted on tip-off, physically assaulted the said side-chick and demanded to know why she (side-chick) gave her husband “anal sex.”

Apparently, because of the extra marital relationship the husband engaged in, the woman was no longer enjoy her marriage.

“I don’t have peace in my house,” she lamented.

Felt embarrassed, the alleged mistress kept quiet throughout the confrontation and tried to make her way out of the mall.

On walking out of the mall after some men believed to be staff of the mall intervened and rescued her, the camera person (believed to be a woman) followed the said mistress all through, tongue-lashing and insulting her.

The plumpy dark wife was heard from the video asking the slim fair mistress some rhetorical questions and at the same time, demanding for answers.

“What did you do to my husband?,” she asked.  “Who do you think you are,” she demanded. “Do you know what I have suffered in my home,” she asked bitterly.

The identities of the parties involved were not known as at the time of filing this report.

Watch the video here.

MAURICE OGU @cojmaurice

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