I want policemen who assaulted me tried in court despite their dismissal from the force — Osun broadcaster assaulted by police

Halima Abdulazeez, the Osun woman, spotted in a viral video, being assaulted by the police for an alleged violation of the stay-at-home-order said she wants the errant law enforcers tried in a law court.

Mrs Abudulazeez had gone out on April 18 to buy medicine for her sick child when some police personnel accosted her and assaulted her.

Although the policemen concerned have been arrested, tried orderly and dismissed, Abudulazeez wants the case in court.

The policemen were identified as Inspector Taiwo Ikuesan and a constable, Abass Ibrahim.

The victim, a Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Training School-trained broadcaster, narrated her order to The Punch.

Abdulazeez said, “My daughter’s ear was discharging puss on that day and after contemplating for a while, I decided to visit a pharmacy owned by a family member. Because of the restriction order, I couldn’t get a vehicle that would convey me and I decided to walk down to the place located a few metres away from my house.

“I was already walking to the place when I saw a man riding a motorcycle. He was an acquaintance and I begged him to give me a ride. He obliged but before we got to the pharmacy, he sighted two policemen from afar, manning a barricade.

“The man refused to move further. He told me the policemen at the barricade were tough. He said he could not face them. I had to disembark from the motorcycle and walked towards a building near the barricade. The building belongs to a family friend.

“I was in front of the building when one of the policemen approached me. He held a cane in his hand and he asked me what I was doing outside. As I was trying to explain to him, he started using the cane on me.

“I kept pleading that he should listen to me but all entreaties fell on deaf ears. He dragged me to the side of their vehicle where another policeman holding a baton stood. The second policeman joined in beating me. Also, another security officer in a ‘Man O War’ uniform joined the two policemen and the three of them beat me mercilessly.

“While that was going on, a superior officer arrived at the scene and ordered them to stop beating me. He asked me what I was doing outside and I told him. I also told him his men did not listen to me.

“The superior officer said I should go to the pharmacy to get the drug for my daughter, but I told him I was already brutalised and couldn’t walk properly again. They kept threatening to arrest me if I refused to leave the area. A resident later came around and assisted as I walked out of the area in excruciating pains.

“I was first treated at Victory Hospital, Iwo, but when I was not feeling too well, I was later attended to at Police Clinic in Osogbo. When my condition did not improve, I was taken to the State Hospital, Asubiaro.

“I witnessed their trial. The Commissioner of Police condemned their action and in all his actions, he stood for justice. They were pronounced dismissed in my presence. But I want them to be tried in a law court for their conduct. When the inspector was pronounced dismissed after the orderly trial, he trivialised the whole process. He was even laughing and he described his dismissal a ruse.

“The adjudicating officer cautioned him but he was not even listening. He was even making some inciting statements. The kind of assault I was subjected to should not be visited on an animal. An animal should not have been so treated.

“On movement restriction to stop the spread of COVID-19, I think there should be procedures on how people should be handled by policemen and other security agents. I don’t think there is any law that states that human beings should be beaten like animals.”

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